Meet The Team

We have an experienced team of people who worked with MNCs and Indian banks for very long time.

They are all very enthusiastic about helping customer's needs and are ready to put their experience and passion to use in this regard.

Photo of Siva Prasad

Siva Prasad

Founder & CEO

Siva has extensive experience in the Banking field which helped him see the problems faced by customers firsthand and where he can help. That set the base for starting “Uber Capital”.

In his previous roles, he handled diverse assignments such as Operations, Credit, Sales, and Relationship management. Working on such diverse topics helped him in understanding the client’s requirements in a holistic way and offer solutions.

He is driven by his passion to help customers find the right financial solution for their loan needs.

Photo of Satish Vaddi

Satish Vaddi


Satish brings a considerable Banking experience to Uber Capital, including his work in international banks such as “Emirates Bank”.

With his previous work on handling import/export clients and his international experience, he is uniquely positioned to help SMEs with their financial needs.

Photo of Subhash Vaddi

Subhash Vaddi


Subhash has unique talent in analyzing numbers - a skill he learned while doing balance sheet and cash flow analysis in his previous roles at various banks.

He believes they reveal great deal about the character of a company and he enjoys analyzing the numbers and presenting businesses with right financial solutions.

Photo of Phani Challa

Phani Challa


Phani is an expert in making sure that the loan processing operations take place quickly and efficiently.

He loves to keep track of all the minute details as the processing moves from application phase all the way to loan disbursement.